Do you need more room to expand or for storage? Rely on our experienced team at Axiom Construction to custom design and build you an industrial structure that fits the bill. We custom design and build anything from large industrial warehouses and factory buildings through to commercial sheds and storage facilities.

With quality material and expert advice at your disposal, plus a host of custom options; you’ll find renewed scope to extend your business horizons. Our structures are built for strength and durability as well as for flexibility in utility, so they represent the ideal investment for your future needs.

Let’s collaborate to discover the best solutions for your commercial needs; we’ll help you work through your requirements with a meticulous level of detail.

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Our team understands what it takes to complete a successful commercial project. The type of design and materials that make up the construction of your warehouse, shed or other industrial structure will largely be determined by your site, budget, deadline and future business plans.

We weigh all of this up and work with you to discover the most cost effective, fit-for-purpose materials and the soundest engineering methods on a case-by-case basis. We will also develop a strict schedule for your build because we appreciate your commercial constraints.



We get that every business is different, so we can suggest a range of customisations to suit your needs. However, tell us what you need and we will make it happen: the choice is ultimately yours. Naturally, our clients select customisations based on their commercial requirements.

We are aware of the impact and disruption that changing things can have on your business. We work hard to minimise the negative impacts while we are on site so you can get back to work as normal and reap the benefits of the changes we have made. Having a conversation about this early in the planning phase of your project will assist us in planning around your day-to-day operations. This allows us to make things as smooth as possible during the transition to bigger and better opportunities for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of industrial structures do you typically build?

We have experience in constructing Factory Buildings, Warehouses, Workshops, Steel Office Building, Storage Sheds, Covered Areas and many other forms of Commercial Industrial Structures. If you have something a bit different you would like to build, have a chat to us as we encourage unique projects.

Is there a minimum or maximum size for your commercial builds?

We place no limitations on the size of commercial construction we build, ie. there is no minimum or maximum size. We are more than happy to accommodate what you have in mind.

Are you up to date with the latest legislations & requirements?

Regulations which surround the construction industry are ever-present and continuously evolving. We keep our fingers on the pulse so we are informed of any changes well in advance. All our work is compliant with the NCC ABCB (national construction code), QBCC and any other directive from relevant regulatory and legislative bodies.



Get the right advice from the very start to save you money. That’s the value of a clear way forward. 


Plan with the professionals and see your dream home take shape.


Our design is as innovative as it is budget-friendly. You don’t have to compromise with us.


We build to your precise design criteria. There are no unwelcome surprises involved.


We build to your precise design criteria. There are no unwelcome surprises involved.