The Story Behind Axiom Construction Group

There’s a story behind our company that has meaning and it’s probably the reason why we are successful today. Before we created Axiom Construction Group we took time to consider our core values and how we wanted to be perceived in the market. It was important for us to break the preconception that builders are only in the game to make a “quick buck”. That is the opposite of what we are about!

This is how our company name was born. Axiom means truth and it is important to us to maintain our honesty and integrity with everyone we do business with. That’s with everyone from our loyal clients to our trusted tradies and our amazing suppliers. We are proud of what we achieve and we are determined to do things right!

We’ve travelled from New Zealand to Australia, from country towns to inner metropolitan areas, working on projects of all sizes.

Residential Construction Manager

Claire Perham

Claire Perham has been in the building industry in some capacity for most of her life…

Commercial Construction Manager

Jay Perham

Jay Perham completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner back in 1994…


Gabriel Magalhaes

Our colourful carpenter Gabe hails from Brazil where he worked for…

Apprentice Carpenter

Sam Versace

Sam is just finishing up the second year of his apprenticeship with 2023 being…

Apprentice Carpenter

Megan Byriel

Megan is just finishing the first year of her apprenticeship with 2023 being…

The team at Axiom Construction loves a challenge

When people say “who makes those”... they are talking about exactly the types of structures that we are known for building!