We can show you how to plan your home renovation and are equipped with the knowledge that comes with completing a vast array of interior/exterior home renovations and house extension projects.

Nothing is out of our scope. We’re all about finding creative solutions to make your next project a one-of-a-kind success!

Let’s sit down for a cuppa and plan out your vision. We’ll work with your budget to construct something to fit with your day-to-day lifestyle.


What is a home renovation & why do it?

A home renovation may also be known as home remodelling or as a home improvement. The objective of a “reno” is to upgrade a property’s existing interior and/or exterior. It provides a fantastic face-lift’, whilst the original structure is still left largely intact, making it a very practical option.

Therefore, it’s not hard to see why home renos are so popular! In the course of undertaking these types of works, there are a number of flow-on benefits, such as the provision to save energy and related costs This may be assisted via the inclusion of fixtures and features, like Green star energy rated material and fixtures.

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If you’re wondering how to start planning a house extension, there are a variety of techniques in design and planning that we can show you to help make the most out of any space. Home extensions commonly involve adding rooms to the side of an existing structure and/or may relate to constructing extra levels.

For example, by raising the house and building under it. In this way, a house extension can completely transform your home and we can offer solutions that may even double its original size. Our goal is to drastically increase the usability of both indoor and outdoor areas for Queensland lifestyles, and we do this through the provision of more extensive building work than your typical construction company will usually have on offer.

Not only can an extension enhance the comfort of your occupancy and the aesthetic of your property, but it can also boost financial returns in both rental and real estate markets — making these types of alterations very solid and astute investments for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What budget should I have?

Your budget can be as flexible as your imagination. It all depends on what you want to build. We can help find options that fit your wants, needs and financial circumstances. For some ballpark insight, you might like to check out our past case studies to see what can be achieved at what price level.

Do you provide consultation/design only?

We provide a full service for those looking for consultation and planning right through to the build itself. Plus, anything additional such as interior design. If you are looking for consultation/design as a service on its own, call us for a chat and we will see what options might be applicable.

Do I have to move out of the house while you’re working on the project?

Not necessarily, we will work with our clients so that they are able to still live in their house whilst a project is underway. Our team will do their best to accommodate you with minimal disruption to your lifestyle during the process of renovation or extension. We can talk through this aspect with you and any questions you might have — just let us know how we can help.

How long will it take?

Depending on the complexity and the size of your build the planning stage can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. We can help guide you through this process with the intention of making it as quick and as smooth as possible. Once the build is quoted and the extent of the work is known we can then work with you to advise on how long the building process takes.



Get the right advice from the very start to save you money. That’s the value of a clear way forward. 


Plan with the professionals and see your dream home take shape.


Our design is as innovative as it is budget-friendly. You don’t have to compromise with us.


We build to your precise design criteria. There are no unwelcome surprises involved.


We build to your precise design criteria. There are no unwelcome surprises involved.